10th February

In todays lesson i carried on creating my preliminary website finishing any final adjustments. I decided on creating 2 extra pages as this would make the website easier to use for the audience and allowed the layout to be easier to read and less cramped. In total i have created for pages the homepage, subjects page, media studies page and an example of a media students work on a page. For each page i followed typical website conventions and used the same design just editing it slightly for each page.

Below is my four pages;

my homepage 

my subject page 

my media studies page 
exemplar media studies work 

Overall i am happy with the outcome of my preliminary website i had to make a few adjustments to my design due to blank spaces on my website and the layout needing editing however overall i followed my initial design for example the colour scheme logo etc. I did have a few problems when creating my website for example i had trouble with final cut express when editing my video however now i have faced these problems i feel confident with all the technology to create my main website. I have learnt that research needs to be done when planning your website as this helps understand what the audience wants.