essay 2

'Job Street' is a ten minute short film, and taken as a whole the narrative binds the story together. The narrative is built of genre, style, form, plot and theme. The genre can be seen as political representation of reality, reflecting life. An example of this is shown when all three characters are woken up by an alarm clock and all begin to follow similar morning patterns e.g. washing face brushing teeth and looking in the mirror. ‘Job Street’ contains three parallel stories showing the monotonous life of three individuals, who are all very different in many ways yet all are suffering and living poor conditions of a immigrant.
Within 'Job Street' ethnicity, gender and class are all conveyed to the audience. Ethnicity is the main theme throughout the short film, due to all the characters being different races. Varying from the French black family, to the Eastern Europe family and the English men who end up causing danger. Even though ‘Job Street’ uses little dialogue, as the audience we identify their different races from how they look and how they act. Throughout ‘Job Street’, a political message is being conveyed towards the audience in many diffe One example of this is via the style, one particular scene which strongly conveys this message is when all the characters are waiting along a brick wall for work. Some may perceive this as prostition of the soul as each character is literally selling themselves similar to prostitutes, in order to provide for their families. The grouping of many individuals conveys that even though people may look different on the outside or even belong to different cultures illegal immigrants have been grouped together and isolated to form a culture of their own, because they have been shunned and labeled as outcasts. The different shots and movement of the camera also tells the audience the political message and in a way becomes the narrative. For example there are individual shots of the immigrants sharing a drink, which highlights and represents that the immigrants have in fact built a community of their own.

 ‘Job Street’ can be considered postmodern in terms of style because it is representation of what happens in the ‘real world’ today. ‘Job Street’ could also be labeled as contemporary due to the overall style and form. Style can also been seen within the structure. The structure of the film is a basic linear account of three parallel stories leading their daily routines in life. Even though the film is short it represents a whole day – this is achieved by quick short edits allowing each character to switch on a regular basis. ‘Job Street’ is fairly critical as it shows a full day ‘in the life of an immigrant’ and invites participants to gain an understanding of the pain each character has to go through. This suffering is conveyed throughout the sound because it is quite monotone and depressing, a key moment within in the film that relies on sound is the scene when the immigrants are lined up along the brick wall and all you can hear is the buzz track of the immigrants talking. This automatically represents the multi cultural differences of all of the immigrants. The buzz track allows the voices of the immigrants to be heard as whispers which could be conveyed as each immigrant is crying out for help but cannot be heard due to them not being socially accepted by society.

 Background sound makes a large impact on the style of the film and without it the overall film would be very different.
The Mise-en-scene of the film is a big indicator to the style and theme of the film. For example when Kisley holds up a dirty, unclear, broken mirror to see his reflection it conveys to the audience that just like the mirror his life is broken and he cannot see where his life is going in the future and shows a realization of the level of poverty Kisley is living. The walls of the room Kilsey and his family are living in are ¾ white and ¼ black. Representing the political ideas of the film portraying English people with white skin are more dominating than foreign cultures with black skin in the United Kingdom like Kisley and his family. ‘Job Street’ has a certain hard edginess to it because it clearly portrays the suffering and uncertainty of these people’s lives as the film ends in an enigmatic ending leaving the audience on edge without a resolution or a answer to the plot of the film.
       To summarise the plot of 'Job Street' it is about three immigrants who are getting work by being picked up on the street by random people everyday. The construction of the story uses repeated technical and editorial effects which in turn build the whole narrative by giving each story the same treatment and effects. The camera jumps from character to character regularly creating an upbeat and fast pace linking all three characters together. A clear example of the repeated technical effects is when each character is waking up and washing their faces, the camera jumps back and forth to each character so each story is given the same handling. Each character also then meet all together at 00:01:45 conveying a sense of togetherness of the three. Aswell of this each character at one point in the film have the same camera shots used for example; body cam and stedicam. This automatically encourages the audience to group the characters together. Within the plot we are also exposed to each of the characters crisis’, which again groups the three parallel stories together and shows the audience that each character is facing the same similar situations in life. Often effects used throughout the film are jitter and blur these simple effects reinforce the narrative as they are used repeatedly and convey the message that these people are following the same challenges day in day out leading a tragic monotonous life. 

job street

Ella Davey – ‘Job Street’ ESSAY 1

In the first few seconds of ‘Job Street’ we are introduced to a range of hidden meanings and codes just from the techniques in the set of titles. For example the titles are soft focus transcending into sharp focus creating a sense of uncertainty for the audience and an enigma. Alongside the use of focus, jitter is used to make the audience feel on edge and uncomfortable this technique is often used in horror movies. It could be seen that the set of titles reflect each characters life and how they don’t have a certain position in life for example, a stable job and home. Instead similar to the titles they are fading in and out of life, drifting from one place to the next. The effect jitter is used to represent the constant emotion of being on edge and scared of being caught. This fear is also represented within the sound used in the first few seconds of the clip. Firstly to set the scene we hear a peculiar, eerie backing track, which adds to the emotion reflected in the set titles. Shortly after, an extreme close up of a soft focus blurred clock is shown to the audience, the ticking and the visual connotes a countdown signifying to the audience that an dramatic event is about to happen in the near future. The soft focus of the clock represents time passing by until the sharp focus and the high pitch alarm clock sound brings them back into reality and literally wakes the character up.

The mechanical process of the first few seconds of ‘Job Street’ is a simple process however very effective, a black background is used and white cut out letters is laid on top of it. In order to create the jitter effect they have used a rostrum taking various frames and slightly moving the letters every time until eventually when put all together it creates the effect of jitter enhancing nervousness and creating emotion for the audience. Overall on average 25 frames are needed per second. In order to create the mechanical process of pull focus they have just twisted the camera lens from left to right this gradual change of focus automatically changes the mood of the story. Overall when evaluating the first few seconds of ‘Job Street’ I believe the makers have achieved what they intended to, which is to engage with the viewer and making them feel emotions such as fear, distress just from the effects of the titles and the sound track.

Broken mirrors are also myth logically linked to bad luck and the seven years bad luck superstition this creates the effect on the audience that

my evaulation

Before I started designing my main and preliminary website, I had to complete a certain amount of research in order to make sure I had full understanding of the typical website conventions used in most websites in order to attract an audience and keep them engaged. For this understanding to occur I looked at a range of websites comparing and contrasting there layout, colour choices, font style etc and asked myself as a member of the public how do they make me feel? To reach a deeper understanding I then annotated 4 school websites and 4 charity websites 2 pages from each website. Once I completed this task I then highlighted and realised the typical website conventions that are most commonly used, and planned to use them for my own websites. For example like most websites, for my main website I designed to always have a navigation bar at the top of each page displaying a link for each page however when I first designed this I believed it looked too plain and basic making my website seem uninviting, so to overcome this challenge I decided not just to have one textbox running across the top of the page however to have individual curved boxes linked together by a running box making the page seem linear and neatly aligned. I also included an image in each text box, giving the user a insight of what to except on each page.

Here below is my navigation bar;

Another convention I came across when researching was the use of different media eg sound, images and videos to interact and engage with the user. Because of this I used my knowledge of final cut express, photoshop, garageband and iphoto to create different types of media to connect with the audience. For example for my main website I used final cut express to develop the beating heart on the enter page and added sound of a beating heart, this image is realistic and automatically affects the user and informing them of the seriousness of heart disease. Furthermore I also used final cut express to edit and produce the video for my homepage and overlapped music which I designed and created in garage band, the use of video and sound automatically engages the user and creates a professional image. For extra research I created a questionnaire and handed it out to a range of people different ages, the results from this questionnaire helped me discover the needs and wants from the audience. For example I found out that colour is a big impact to the audience and changes there perception of a website, because of this when annotating external websites I looked at there colour schemes and noticed all school websites follow the same colour scheme as the uniform and tends to use basic primary colours, whereas charity websites directed to adults tend to use pastel colours with one primary colour used to highlight and keyword key facts and border shapes to create a professional finish. I used this information to my advantage and chose the colours blue, red and white for my website changing the opacity occasionally to get different effects for different things such as border out line for textboxes and images. Blue connotes; sadness and sorrow but also can connote strength and stability blue is also said be the colour  of deoxygenated blood, red connotes; love, passion, hatred red is also the colour of oxygenated blood and so on a whole is a very emotionally connected colour. These colours fitted with the subject our site was based on, as heart diseases will always have an emotional affect on the diagnosed person and their families.

Although I did follow many of the typical website conventions I did, also create and use my own ideas for example, from my questionnaire I found that the audiences prefer images of text, so instead of using just plain images, I decided that I would create a rollover image using a html code, at first I did find this quite challenging as I had to edit the code etc however now it is working correctly it is very effective and engages the user and creates an professional image and persuades the visitor to browse my website, similarly I also took and image of an donation box edited it in photoshop and created a matching button on photoshop making them both a link to paypal, I imitated this idea of direct payment from a charity website as I found it very effective way of persuading the visitor to donate.

Before creating the website in iweb we had to identify who our target audience was, in order to do this we created a survey asking a range of questions including demographics and psychograpghics to gain a full understanding of who we should direct our website to. The results from the survey showed that heart disease can affect and cause problems for anyone, and their class, age, gender, ethnicity, disability and sexuality does not affect it in anyway, Because of this we had to create a layout that most people can understand and choose colour and font that would relate to a range of people. For example we used the same font style for the whole website creating a linear and professional finish and we also set the page going downwards not sideways so it would be easier to understand and would create a ‘flow’. Our video was just a basic, one to one talking from Doctor Wells to the visitor this basic approach makes the website seem personal and more intimate for the visitor and makes everyone feel like they can trust the foundation. The video is an easy way for people to understand. We have our doctor ‘Dr Wells’ in the video people who watch the video will believe her more than an ordinary person as she is an educated, well respected figure in this subject area, in the video we made sure that DR Wells was seated in a office environment with a stethoscope around her neck we decided to this to increase the reality of her position as a doctor.

The charity we chose is a very serious problem and our campaign site had to express this seriousness in a way that most people would connect to and understand. Our selection of images and animation creates an emotive and arguing case which is still inviting to the visitor. Because of this we have input information which is patient friendly i.e. the patients will understand it without help from a medical specialist. Our market research showed us that many people of a wide variety of demographics prefer visual aids along with the information as it helps them to imagine exactly what we are talking about so we decided to add in a whole load of our own images that we took in various locations to increase the believability of the campaign. I think that it challenges the other campaign websites by having lots of images and not as much text which is normally the other way round with lots of text with the odd image

Because the audience for our media product is not just strictly one set audience, as the issue that we are confronting in our website can affect many people across many classes, age groups and ethnicities. So we decided that our website should be aimed at a wide demographic audience so that no mater who you are, you are able to gain full potential out our website Just to be sure that we were aiming our website at the right audience we decided to send out a survey to randomly selected people of different ages and backgrounds. We found that 23/30 people surveyed would rather have lots of pictures with a little bit of text as a pose to a lot of text and a few pictures. Our survey also showed us that 20/30 would have the pastel colours chosen over a wide variety of choices. The survey also revealed that almost all of the people surveyed that’s 28/30 said they knew someone with a heart problem and said they would visit our site if they believed it would help t. We wanted to educate everyone on how to reduce the risks of getting heart diseases. We believed that the best way for us to do this was to use audio/visual, so we decided to make a video.

During the process of producing my preliminary and my main website I learnt many new things that helped me produce my website to a high professional standard. In order to produce my websites I used:  Photoshop, Garage Band, Final Cut Express, iphoto and iweb but I also used a vast amount of hardware such as a Sony digital SLR camera, Apple Mac computers and video camera equipment.
 When using photo shop I learnt how to change the contrast of images, I also learnt how to duplicate layers then change backgrounds or change the colour of a certain part of an image., this came in handy on both the preliminary and on my main website, for example the background on my preliminary website is an image I took of my school and I had to edit the school name out and duplicate a part of the wall in such a way that the bricks all matched up.  I also learnt how to use the magic pen tool to cut out the backgrounds or select a certain part of the image.

I then used Garage Band to create the music for my main campaign website homepage I used various loops from the apple library to create my music i found it quite easy to use the loops as all you had to do was make sure the loops you use played in harmony together and in time with each other. I also used garage band to create the heart beat, I did this by using a drum loop that resembled the ‘lub-dub’ sound of the heart.

Similarly  I used final cut express to edit my videos for both my preliminary and my main website. For my preliminary website I had to cut different parts of my video in order for it to look like a real school video, for my preliminary website there was a lot of editing that had to be done whereas in my main website there was less editing to do as we used the video to our advantage only having to tweak the contrast a little.

 I used Iphoto to put my edited images into a slideshow for my preliminary website. I chose not to use a slide show in my main website as I thought that there was a vast amount of visual aid and I thought by adding in a slideshow it may look as if they website was trying too hard to be the perfect user friendly website and with out it we still managed to use all the images that we took and thought were good enough to make it to our website.
 Iweb has got to be the most important piece of technology I used in this project at it was the medium through which I was able to string all of the components of my website together,  it was fairly straight forward once I got to grips with it.
I found the sony SLR cameras the easiest to us as  it was a pretty straight forward and basic. I just had to learn to taking pictures with a purpose rather than just as a form of memories which is what I am used to. So I used the various rules such as rules of thirds and the different types of shots such as over the shoulder shot when taking pictures for my own leisure to make sure that I was able to use them in a professional way.

29th March

In todays lessson we completed our website published it and testing everything making sure all links, sound video, rollovers and animation work correctly.

the enter page 

how to get involved/volunteers page 

facts and advice page 

donate page 

paypal link 

contact us page 

where does your money go page 

the shop page
research page 
the homepage 

9th - 25th March

Over this period of time myself and shin carried on developing our website using iWeb, we had to change few of our ideas and designs for example the layout we had trouble fitting all the information on the page however we over came this problem by using text boxes and sending certain images and text boxes to the back of the page etc. Overall i am happy with the progress of our website.

8th March

Today's lesson we carried on creating our website and also we created a diary to help us manage our time so we meet the final deadline.

4th 5th and 6th March

In today's lesson we planned our video, and shot it that afternoon we then edited the video using final cut express blocking out any background noise, making a title page and deleting any unwanted scenes.

Here is our finished video it will be on the homepage of our website and will be set to an automatic timer so it plays when anyone visits the site. 

1st March

In theses few lessons Shin and I began to create our main website following the idea that we will use the same layout on each page however adjust it for each page.

29th February

In todays lesson we designed and created our logo using photoshop to make it look professional.

Our finished logo. 

27th February

In todays lesson we decided to create our music for our homepage for our website because when researching we found that the public engage and prefer websites which contain some sort of interactivity we used various instruments and over lapped them changing the sound levels and adjusting the pitch.

26th february

In todays lesson we began creating our moving image for our enter page on final cut express, first of all we got images of an closed heart and a open heart from google and then edited them using the eraser  tool on photoshop so they looked like this...

We then uploaded these images to final cut express and then layered the images and faded them so they overlapped each other creating a beating heart we then also introduced the sound of beating heart which  we created on garageband.


24th February

In todays lesson Shin and i focussed on editing certain images. For example for our donation page we plan to have a donation box as a link to paypal for this image we took a photo of a money box in the British heart foundation shop so we needed to edit the logo out and make the image look presentable we did this using the brightness, clone tool and contrast on photoshop.

this is the image unedited 

this is the image in photoshop being cropped down to the correct size

we then zoomed in so we had a better view and used the clone tool to remove
the british heart foundation logo

And this is final image fully edited. 

21st Febuary

In today's lesson Shin and I used our shot list and visted various locations taking photos for our website. We then edited the photos using photoshop using the tools we learnt at the start of the course. Mainly we had to straighten the images to ensure they were 100% straight and crop any unwanted background noise. I then often changed the levels of saturation, hue and brightness as this little change can do alot to a image. I used the clone tool to edit many of the pictures because i had to edit logos out etc.

Below are a few of our finished edited images;

20th feburary

In today’s lesson my partner Ella and I decided to write up a shot list which will contain a list of the pictures that we want to take, the shot list would help us to visualise the images that we want and then go out and take them.

For our main website me and my partner, Ella have decided to make a campaign site focusing on the issues that arise with heart problems for our website we will be using a variety of audio and visual aids. Images will be a main factor in our site, here is a shot list of some of the pictures we want to take.
We want to take pictures of:
A family, and use Photoshop to fade one member of this family out to make it look as if one member has passed away due to a heart complication and that we as a charity  are  trying to raise awareness about these heart problems ands ways of which they may be prevented.
Someone at the gym or exercising in some way. This will again emphasise the prevention of heart problems. We would also like to have an image of a person eating a healthy balanced diet as this is key to prevention of not just heart problems but a wide variety of other problems as well.
A science lab- where our researchers will be working using the donations and aids provided by the public to try and find new life changing drugs and treatment for heart patients.
Charity shop – to show the wide variety of ways in which people can donate, money, clothes, brick-a-brack, cds, videos and dvds.
Cake sale – the cake sale is just one of the appeals that school children nation wide have done in order to raise money for the ‘Help a Heart foundation’s’ get involved appeal.
We also need to take pictures of people who are suitable to be in various positions in our charity. For example we need people who look like top end ceo’s and also people who could be working as volunteers for our shops.
We believe that by using a shot list it gives us a chance to plan what exactly we want to do before we do it. This will intern allow us to visualise what we really want our website to look like and include. So the website is going to be a direct representation of our own thoughts and ideas strung together with the use of planning and clever manipulation of well photographed images using Photoshop.

17th feburary

In today's lesson Shin and I began designing our questionnaire in order to gain full understanding of our target audience and what requirements are needed for example fonts, colour and interactivity.When creating our questionnaire we made sure it included demographics and pyschographics to find out what different members of the public wanted. Below is our questionnaire;

15th febuary

After researching into other websites we started researching webhosting and domains to gain a full understanding of websites and the media and also to find the correct web host and web domain that is suited best to my requirements.

What is web hosting?

I researched into web hosting, as I would need a web host to host my website. Web hosting allows individuals and organisations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web (www). Web hosts provide a space on their server usually for a fee, which provides the website with internet connectivity, allowing people to access the site, and the pages and information on it via the web hosts server. There are many different types of web hosting servers ranging from free hosting to high end hosting servers offering a large amount of space on the server for a cost.

I took a look at some of the different web hosts that were on offer, and the cost of each. I feel that I would go for a mid-priced host, but not a free host, or a very expensive host. This is because for my charity organisation, spending lots of money on an expensive host would be unnecessary and not beneficial to the organisation. Additionally a free web host would mean that there would be a lack of functions that the website can do, as opposed to a web host that costs. One particular host that stood out to me while researching was which offers web hosting from £1.95 a month, an offer price compared to the usual £4.95. I feel that this website offered very cheap hosting but also had lots of different functions available; this would be the web host that I would use for my site.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is also needed for the website; the domain name is the web address, usually ending in or .com. The web domain is an extra cost, and is usually offered by the web host that you are using. The web domain can be used with your web host, providing that no one is already using your chosen domain, and people can then access your site by typing in your domain, and they will be took straight

14th February

In todays lesson myself and shin began researching existing charity websites to understand the typical conventions of websites and what the audience want. We print screened annotated 4 websites 2 pages from all of them using our knowledge and terminology to do so.

Below are two examples of our research;

12th February

In todays lesson Shin and I began to design our pages for our website, we decided we will create one layout which will be then copied and used for each just edited slightly to fit the requirements for the page however still have the same links so we are following the website conventions. We also thought we would use the skills we learnt when creating our preliminary website and decided we will create a enter page using final cut express to show a beating heart to connect with the audience.

this helped us plan our pages when designing
here is the deisgn template for each page

11th February

In today's lesson we were paired up with a partner in order to create our final website i was partnered with Shin and we began discussing the needs for our campaign website and created a brief.
Here below is our brief..
 We are going to create a campaign website for a heart charity informing others about the dangers of heart disease and how to prevent heart complications. In order to complete this task myself Ella Davey and my partner Shin Ahtheesan will produce four pages each for our website totaling in 8 pages. These pages will be the following;
1.   Homepage
2.   Facts and advice
3.   Recent Events
4.   How to get involved
5.   Where does your money go?
6.   Appeal Pack
7.   About us
8.   Donate
9.   Need help?

We will create a standard layout which will be used on all 8 pages, this will make sure the information is presented and aligned correctly allowing the audience to use our website with ease. To display each link on our website we will use a navigation bar and use the typical website conventions for example a banner across the top two vertical side bars amid larger block in the middle.
Our website will include the following;
- sound
- video
- written text
- images

We will also make sure our website uses interactivity to keep the audience engaged for example;
- rollovers
- links
- social networking/blogs

10th February

In todays lesson i carried on creating my preliminary website finishing any final adjustments. I decided on creating 2 extra pages as this would make the website easier to use for the audience and allowed the layout to be easier to read and less cramped. In total i have created for pages the homepage, subjects page, media studies page and an example of a media students work on a page. For each page i followed typical website conventions and used the same design just editing it slightly for each page.

Below is my four pages;

my homepage 

my subject page 

my media studies page 
exemplar media studies work 

Overall i am happy with the outcome of my preliminary website i had to make a few adjustments to my design due to blank spaces on my website and the layout needing editing however overall i followed my initial design for example the colour scheme logo etc. I did have a few problems when creating my website for example i had trouble with final cut express when editing my video however now i have faced these problems i feel confident with all the technology to create my main website. I have learnt that research needs to be done when planning your website as this helps understand what the audience wants.

9th February

In todays lesson i carried on editing my preliminary website and made a few changes to my design because i had a few empty spaces when designing my website, to correct this problem i decided to follow the theme for my website and created an image of grass on photoshop using the stamp tool in different shades of green in photoshop.
here is the print screen of me creating the grass in photoshop. 

and here is the finished design. 

8th February

In todays lesson i began creating a slideshow for the homepage of my preliminary website using iphoto.
I chose to create a website because when researching i found that moving images with music engages the audience than just plain images and text.

7th Febuary

In todays lesson we were grouped into groups of 4 so we could film our video needed for our websites, myself and my group decided to film various locations around the school collecting enough material to edit and produce a short video needed to complete my website. I then began to edit the video on final cut express to tidy it up and make it complete for my website

5th Febuary

In todays lesson i carried on working with iweb creating my website with my newly edited images, and finally my website began to form. I soon realised that a few minor corrections will have to be done to my designs for example i planned on scanning in the drawing of a  tree for my background however due to the lack of time i realised this wasnt possible. So instead i googled images for cartoon trees and then manipulated it in photoshop to make it my own. After this i inserted it into iweb and decreased the opacity and sent it to back so it  became a faded image.

4th February

In todays lesson i looked at the images that i took previously and began editing them in photoshop using the tools i learnt at the start of the course. Mainly i found i had to straighten the images to ensure they wer 100% straight and crop any unwanted background noise. I then often changed the levels of saturation, hue and brightness as this little change can do alot to a image. With a few of  my images i did have to use the clone tool as i had to fade out the image of the Ravenswood badge on the school boys blazer's.

Here below our my finished edited images that i will use for my website.

31st January

In todays lesson i created a shot list of the images needed to be taken for my preliminary website, and decided where and what images i need to take.

Then i went around the school with a camera visting various locations taking the pictures needed for my website as i plan to use them alot on my website because when researching i found that the audience our more likely to engage with the website with the help of visual aids. Because of this i will also create a slideshow for my homepage using iphoto.

28th January

In todays lesson i continued creating my preliminary website in iweb and then began focusing on creating my logo for my school the logo needed to look clean and professional so i used photoshop in order to create it using the different shapes available to create the shapes needed inside my logo.

When finished with my logo i decided it didnt look complete and proffesional so in order to fix this this i added a thicker border on photoshop and changed the borders colour so it looked more defined. Below is my finished logo.

26th January

After previously experimenting on iWeb and learning how to use it i began to create the layout for my website by making a border and a banner following my preliminary website design. I ued the 'arrange' tool sending text boxes etc to the back of the page so it started to have depth. I then aligned the boxes to  make sure they were all neatly aligned and began experimenting with the picker colour tool choosing the right shade of green for my background. I then began experimenting with text till i found the font that i would use on each page for my title and then copied the page for each of my pages.