11th February

In today's lesson we were paired up with a partner in order to create our final website i was partnered with Shin and we began discussing the needs for our campaign website and created a brief.
Here below is our brief..
 We are going to create a campaign website for a heart charity informing others about the dangers of heart disease and how to prevent heart complications. In order to complete this task myself Ella Davey and my partner Shin Ahtheesan will produce four pages each for our website totaling in 8 pages. These pages will be the following;
1.   Homepage
2.   Facts and advice
3.   Recent Events
4.   How to get involved
5.   Where does your money go?
6.   Appeal Pack
7.   About us
8.   Donate
9.   Need help?

We will create a standard layout which will be used on all 8 pages, this will make sure the information is presented and aligned correctly allowing the audience to use our website with ease. To display each link on our website we will use a navigation bar and use the typical website conventions for example a banner across the top two vertical side bars amid larger block in the middle.
Our website will include the following;
- sound
- video
- written text
- images

We will also make sure our website uses interactivity to keep the audience engaged for example;
- rollovers
- links
- social networking/blogs